Spider Vein Experts offer high quality, patient-centered care. We are dedicated to treating the whole person, not just your leg veins. Spider Vein Experts' reputation for excellent care is built upon trust. We aspire to treat each and every patient like our own family.

Spider Vein Experts of Florida is totally dedicated to the elimination of problem leg veins. Our practice has the best medical expertise as well as the best technology to get rid of unsightly spider and varicose veins quickly and easily. Your legs will be beautiful, vein free, and ready for shorts in no time.

We have all the tools necessary to diagnose and remove any unsightly or problem veins from your legs. Spider Vein Experts uses the most advanced ultrasound technology to discover the depth of the vein issue. Our practice has available both Vein Gogh laser and Sclerotherapy injections that may be appropriate for different circumstances. Sometimes, a combination of multiple therapies can lead to a perfect outcome.

Dr. Chris Meyer MD is a general and vascular surgeon who specializes in lower extremity vein removal. Dr. Meyer has successful removed and eliminated leg veins from more than 10,000 patients. Christina Herrara — Registered Nurse is the practice manager of Spider Vein Experts and also specializes vascular issues of the leg.


Vein Gogh Laser



"I have extensive vein issues on both legs of varying sizes. Spider vein experts took the time to use multiple modalities (laser where possible, injections when necessary) to achieve best outcome. My legs are clear again. They do a great job."
— Linda D.